HC Deb 29 July 1857 vol 147 cc682-5

Sir, it would be impossible at this time (twenty minutes past five o'clock) to proceed with the second reading of this Bill, I propose, therefore, to fix the second reading for Monday, with the hope that I shall have an opportunity of proceeding with the Bill on that day; but I hope that means will be found to enable Baron Rothschild, who has just been re-elected for the City of London, to take his seat without it being necessary to have any Bill to alter the oaths to be taken by Members of this House.


The noble Lord has darkly hinted at some mode by which Baron Rothschild may take his seat in this House without any Bill being passed for the purpose of altering the oaths; but he has not given the House any information as to the time when an attempt of that kind will be made. It would be very convenient to hon. Members if the noble Lord would furnish them with any information which he has on that subject.


I have no information of that kind. I am not aware of Baron Rothschild's intention on that subject; but if I should receive any communication from Baron Rothschild, I will take care to give notice to the House. I feel, with the hon. and learned Gentleman, that the House ought to be apprised beforehand of the course which Baron Rothschild may propose to take.

Second Reading deferred till Monday next.