HC Deb 10 July 1857 vol 146 cc1283-4

said, he wished to ask the Under Secretary for War, when the Turkish order of the Medjidi, the Sardinian military medal, and the Turkish medal for officers and men, will be distributed to those entitled to them. He considered that a long time had elapsed since those distinctions had been earned. The French army had received and had been wearing them for some period, and it was natural that our officers and men should be anxious on the subject.


said, in answer to the first part of the question, that all that rested with the Government in this country to do, as regarded the order of the Medjidi, had already been done. The list of those entitled to it was some time ago prepared at the Horse Guards and transmitted to the Foreign Office, with a request that Lord Clarendon would send it on to Lord Stratford de Redcliffe, with instructions that he should lose no time in submitting it to the approval of the Sultan; at the same time urging upon Lord Stratford de Redcliffe the importance of at once obtaining the insignia of the Order, both for the British Army and the Turkish Contingent. The same answer applied to that part of the question of the hon. and gallant Gentleman as related to the Turkish medal, which had not yet been received, but which Lord Stratford de Redcliff had been asked to lose no time in forwarding. The Sardinian medals were in the hands of the adjutant general, with instructions to distribute them immediately. The list of recipients of the Sardinian medal had been printed, and would be laid before Parliament in a few days.


said, there seemed to be much delay that was not necessary as regarded the distribution of the Turkish order of the Medjidi and the Sardinian War medal. It was on that day twelvemonth that the Crimea was evacuated. In the meanwhile, officers were leaving the army and men were dying. He hoped that something would be done, therefore, to facilitate the distribution. As it was a voluntary offer, he believed, on the part of the Turkish Government to give these decorations, he did not see any reason why the subject should be referred to Constantinople.