HC Deb 12 December 1857 vol 148 c681

, referring to the East India Company having conferred an annuity of £500 upon Lady Neill, pointed the attention of the House to the less favourable position in which Lady Have-lock would be in the event of becoming a widow, and suggested to the Government that in the new arrangement about to be made with respect to the pension of Sir Henry Havelock, the pension, at Sir Henry's death, should be given one-half to the widow and one-half to the son, with reversion to the son on the death of the widow. Such an arrangement as that would not increase the charge to the country, and he could not doubt that it would be more agreeable to the feelings of the gallant officer himself than the present proposal.

Motion agreed to, That this House will, at the rising of the House this day, adjourn till Thursday, the 4th day of February next.