HC Deb 11 December 1857 vol 148 c557

I wish to ask the President of the Board of Control, Whether it is true that when the King of Delhi was taken prisoner an assurance was given him that his life should be spared; and, if so, perhaps my right hon. Friend will inform the House what were the circumstances and what was the authority under which that assurance was given?


Sir, from the information which we received upon this subject, in the first instance it appeared that the Governor General had given orders that the King of Delhi should be brought to trial, and, if it were proved that he had surrendered on the faith of whoever arrested him that his life should be spared, that he be taken to Allahabad in order to be sent out of the country. Since then a letter has been received from Mr. Saunders, who was appointed Commissioner of Delhi by Sir John Lawrence, in which he states that Captain Hodson did promise to the King of Delhi his life, and that under no other circumstances could they have seized him. In consequence of that promise being made by an officer in Her Majesty's service, it is of course utterly impossible that we can violate the pledge given.