HC Deb 10 December 1857 vol 148 cc458-9

Sir, I beg to give notice that, in the event of the House acceding to the Motion for the appointment of a Committee of which I have given notice for to-morrow night, I shall move that— It be an instruction to the Committee to inquire into the causes of the recent mercantile distress, and also to inquire how far it has been affected by the laws regulating that Bank Notes shall be payable on demand.


I wish, Sir, to give notice of the Amendment which it is my intention to move to-morrow to the Motion of which the Chancellor of the Exchequer gave notice a few nights ago. What I propose is to move as an Amendment to the Motion of the Chancellor of the Exchequer:— That in the opinion of this House no further inquiry is necessary into the operation of the Bank Act of 1844, 7 & 8 Vict,c. 32. The words I have used, I beg to say, are those used as an instruction to the Committee of last Session.