HC Deb 07 December 1857 vol 148 cc313-4

said, there was a report in circulation that telegraphic news had just been received by the Government from India, containing information of the relief of Lucknow. If such were the case, perhaps the noble Viscount would take that opportunity of announcing the fact before the House broke up.


In reply to the question of my hon. and gallant Friend, I have to inform the House that a telegram has been received; but it did not come by the ordinary fortnightly mail, but by a vessel which left Calcutta a week later than the date of the last accounts. The telegram states that two convoys of provisions had reached Lucknow; that there had been a good deal of fighting; and that Sir James Outram had been wounded. I cannot help suspecting that this is but an echo of the news we received before, and that it relates to the convoy of provisions that reached Alumbagh, which is three miles from Lucknow. We had heard also that, during the engagements which took place when Lucknow was relieved, Sir James Outram has been wounded; I am afraid, therefore, that this is a mere echo of the news recently received.

House adjourned at half after Eight o'clock.