HC Deb 18 August 1857 vol 147 cc1812-3

Order for the consideration of the Bill, as amended, read,


said, he would take that occasion of calling the attention of the hon. Baronet the Under Secretary for War to the expediency of supplying the men belonging to the 7th Hussars and the Artillery, who were about immediately to embark for India, with a quantity of cotton, which they might during the course of the voyage employ themselves in converting into cap covers, instead of waiting to receive those necessary articles until their arrival in the East. There was always a number of tailors and "handy men" attached to each regiment, who could not, in his opinion, while at sea be better occupied than in making these covers.


suggested that, as it was within a few minutes of four o'clock, the hon. and gallant Member had better postpone his observations to some future occasion, when the Under Secretary for War would be in a position to reply to them.

Bill to be read 3o To-morrow.