HC Deb 11 August 1857 vol 147 cc1469-71

Order read for resuming Adjourned Debate on Amendment proposed to be made to the Bill [11th August]; and which Amendment was, in the Schedule, before the words "The West Riding of the County of York," in the first column, to insert the words "Wapentakes of Ewecross, Staincliffe, Claro (including the liberty of Ripon), Skyrack, Barkston, Ash, and the Borough of Leeds, all in the West Riding of the County of York—Leeds."

Question again proposed, "That those words be there inserted."

Debate resumed.


stated, that the question before the House was whether the West Riding of Yorkshire should be one district for the proving of wills, or whether it should be divided. In his opinion the West Riding should be one district; but if it were to be divided he thought that it should be into three rather than into two, and, therefore, he would submit that Sheffield ought to be made a separate district as well as Leeds.


said, the registry at Leeds would be most convenient for a large and important district, and ought to be the registry for the northern district of the West Riding.


said, it had been decided that Wakefield should be the place of registry, and he did not think it would be right to change that decision, considering the thinned state of the House.


said, he should give his vote in favour of Leeds.


said, the subject had been discussed at great length at a former sitting, and he thought it would be inexpedient to alter the decision arrived at that Wakefield should be the place of registry.


observed, that the population of the West Riding was over 1,300,000, while the average population of the districts created under this Bill was only 360,000. He did not see why the West Riding should be placed in a worse position than other districts, and should have only one place of registry. He should therefore support the Motion of the hon. and learned Gentleman (Mr. Collins).


said, he was opposed to having two district towns within nine miles of each other, and hoped the House would adhere to the decision of the Committee.

Question put, and negatived.


said, he would move that "Hull" be re-inserted in schedule A as a place of district registry for the East Riding instead of York.


said, that he would, from old connections, originating before he was born, second the Motion.

Amendment proposed, to leave out the word "York," in the second column, and insert the word "Hull," instead thereof.

Question, "That the word 'York' stand part of the schedule," put, and agreed to.


said, he wished to move that the two divisions of the county of Essex be added to the schedule as one district for the purposes of registration under the Bill, and that the town of Chelmsford be the place of district registry.

Amendment proposed, by inserting in the first column of the schedule, after the words "County of Norfolk," the words "North and South Divisions of the County of Essex."


said, he should oppose the Motion.

Question put, "That those words be there inserted."

The House divided:—Ayes 9; Noes 55: Majority 46.


said, he would now move that the word Brecknock should be omitted from the schedule.

Another Amendment proposed, to leave out the word "Brecknock."

Question, "That the word 'Brecknock' stand part of the schedule," put, and agreed to.


, on behalf of Mr. Dillwyn, proposed an Amendment, to add the deaneries of East and West Gower to the District Court of the county of Carmarthen.

Amendment agreed to.

SIR J. EAST moved an Amendment to add the Isle of Wight to the Winchester District Court, which was agreed to.

The schedules were then agreed to.

Bill to be read 3° To-morrow.