HC Deb 07 August 1857 vol 147 c1220

Order for Third Reading read.


said, he would ask Mr. Speaker to favour the House with his opinion upon the question submitted to him last night by the hon. Member for the Tower Hamlets (Mr. Ayrton), whether the Bill, as it related to a grant of money, ought not to have been founded on a Resolution passed in Committee of the whole House?


said, he had stated last night—or rather this morning, at three o'clock—that it appeared to him, from such attention as he had been able to give to the Bill, that it had been properly introduced. He had since had an opportunity of examining the clauses more carefully, and he found that the 17 & 18 Vict. c. 94, transferred certain charges—and among them a charge for the Metropolitan police—from the Consolidated Fund to the Supplies annually voted by Parliament. It was therefore unnecessary to found this Bill upon Resolutions passed in Committee.


inquired whether the Bill would throw any increased charge on the Consolidated Fund?


replied that it would not.


complained that there was a clause empowering the Police Commissioners to raise and expend £60,000 for the erection of police stations in the Metropolis. He considered that outlay unnecessary, and as the burden would fall on the ratepayers, he should take the sense of the House on the Third Reading.


observed, that the clause objected to only gave the Commissioners power to mortgage the existing rates.


said, what he complained of was that the ratepayers would virtually have to find the money. If additional stations were necessary, the expense should be provided for by a Vote in Committee of Supply.

The Galleries were cleared for a division, but when the Question was put by Mr. Speaker there was no voice in the negative.

Bill read 3° and Passed.