HC Deb 02 May 1856 vol 141 c1928

said, he would beg to ask upon what day the Chancellor of the Exchequer intended to make his financial statement?


Sir, I should have preferred making it before Easter, but it was impossible to calculate the amount of Ways and Means necessary for the service of the year until the Estimates had been laid before the House in a complete form, and the amendment of the Estimates, since the peace was signed, has occupied more time than I had anticipated. The amended Estimate for the War Department has now been sent to the Treasury, and will immediately be laid upon the table; the Estimate for the Naval Department is also ready, with the exception of one portion, and will be presented in a few days. Every day before the Whitsuntide recess is, however, already occupied, and as, probably, it would not be convenient to fix Friday, the day upon which the House will meet again, for making the financial statement, I will fix it for Monday, the 19th inst.

The Motion for the adjournment of the House was then agreed to.