HC Deb 02 May 1856 vol 141 c1946

Order for Committee read; House in Committee.

Clause 1.


said, that the affairs of this institution had been so much mismanaged that he was not willing to put its management out of the hands of Parliament, or to allow the trustees and directors the uncontrolled power of selling pictures. The constitution as established by the Bill was most anomalous, and he could not conceive how it would work. He should move as an Amendment that no pictures should be sold without the authority of Parliament.


said, he would suggest that there should be a power, not only of sale, but of giving the pictures not wanted for the gallery to provincial galleries.


said, that that power already existed, and was often exercised. The object of the Clause was to enable the directors to part with pictures which might form part of galleries purchased as a whole. It would be a most anomalous proceeding for Parliament to take on itself the responsibility of selling pictures.


said, he would suggest that no pictures which had ever formed part of a gallery should be sold until a list and description of such pictures had been laid before Parliament. He did not mean such pictures as had been purchased as part of other galleries purchased for the gallery, but such as had formed part of the gallery, and had been exhibited.


said, that he would adopt the suggestion, and consider what means would be fit for carrying it out.

After some further discussion, Amendment withdrawn.

Bill passed through Committee.

House resumed.

Bill reported, as amended.

The House adjourned at a quarter before Two o'clock till Monday next.