HC Deb 10 March 1856 vol 140 cc2109-10

Sir, on Friday evening I gave notice of my intention to repeat on this evening the question which I then put, relative to the production of a certain passage in a telegraphic dispatch from Lord Panmure to General Simpson, and referring to a gallant officer whose name has been before mentioned to the House. I do not wish to press the Government to lay this passage on the table of the House if it be inconvenient to them to do so; but as I have seen it stated in an apparently authorised paragraph in the Globe newspaper that this passage, instead of being an objectionable one, was one calculated to reflect honour on Lord Panmure, I suppose there can be no objection to its production; and I therefore repeat my question, and ask the noble Lord at the head of the Government if he will produce it?


I have in my hand a copy of the telegraphic message, which is rather long, and relates to many other affairs besides that referred to by my hon. and gallant Friend; but there is a passage in the middle of the message which does refer to the gallant officer to whom the hon. and gallant Member for Westminster has alluded; and these are the words in which he is mentioned:—"I recommend young Dowbiggin to your attention if he is fit, and you have a vacancy." I do not think it would be desirable to lay the dispatch upon the table, but at the same time I have no objection to show it to the hon. and gallant General. I wish at the same time to read an extract from a letter written by the gallant General commanding to Lord Hardinge. It says— In the trenches again last night the Russians made a strong attack to regain the Cemetery, but we were prepared for them. Captain Dowbiggin and the 4th Regiment party behaved admirably.

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