HC Deb 26 June 1856 vol 142 cc2044-5

Order for Second Reading read.


, in moving the second reading of the Bill, said, that it was founded on the recommendation of Justice Cresswell, Baron Bramwell, and the Master of the Rolls in Ireland. The Bill comprised seventeen distinct provisions, one of which was the repeal of the 17th section of the Statute of Frauds as to the sale of goods. He understood that was objected to; but he considered that it would be best to discuss the measure in Committee.


said, he was strongly opposed to the Bill. It was a most important question—the alteration of the Statute of Frauds—one, he asserted, of the most valuable ever passed. He should earnestly oppose it. He knew the value of the Statute of Frauds from his professional experience, and was supported by a large body of merchants in his opposition to the repeal. The whole principle and only important portion of the Bill was the repeal of that Statute. He should propose the adjournment of the debate until Monday.

Second Reading deferred till Monday.