HC Deb 26 June 1856 vol 142 cc2043-4

Order for Third Reading read.

Bill read 3o.


said, he wished to insert a new clause, to the effect that it should be lawful for any college to sell or exchange any estate in lands or hereditaments, except estates in reversion, for the benefit of such college.

Clause agreed to.


said, he objected to the measure because the effect of the Bill would be that the colleges, in order to put it into execution, must have a majority of the fellows. That would lead to great inconvenience in the larger colleges, where the fellows were scattered all over the country or even over the world. It should be the majority of the fellows present at any meeting duly convened. The object, in his opinion, should be to vest the power in the resident members of the University. The aim of the measure ought to be, not to promote prizes for strangers, but to develop and encourage the cultivation of the higher branches of education in the University.

Bill passed.