HC Deb 23 June 1856 vol 142 cc1886-90

Order for Committee read.

House in Committee.


wished to know whether before the termination of the Session the Government meant to give a clear announcement to the country and to Europe of the policy it intended to pursue with regard to the affairs of Italy? He was induced to ask the question in consequence of the ambiguity of the language and the conduct which the Government had employed in respect to the affairs of that country.


said, the objects of the Bill had been explained when it was originally proposed, and, at the same time, the views of the Government in respect of it had been stated, The Bill was the completion of the loan, and it was not for the purposes of revolution: It was simply to enable the Sardinian Government to defray a part, and only a part, of the expenses which it had incurred by the auxiliary force it had sent to co-operate with the English and French armies in the East. As to the policy of Her Majesty's Government in respect to Sardinia, that policy could be explained in a few words. It was anxious to support the Sardinian Government in that enlightened and liberal course which it had so honourably pursued; and if that which was not the case at present should occur—if the Sardinian Government should be animated by schemes of aggression, the British Government would use all the influence it possessed to dissuade it from such a course. Such interference was quite unnecessary as long as the Sardinian Government was animated, as at present, by moderation, wisdom, and enlightenment.

The Bill then, passed through Committee.

House resumed.

The House adjourned at Two o'clock.