HC Deb 26 July 1856 vol 143 c1489

On the Motion, "That the House at its rising do adjourn till Tuesday,"


said, he wished to call the attention of the House to the case of Captain Frazer, late adjutant of the Ross-shire militia. Having regard to the Late period of the Session, and to the circumstance that the Under Secretary for War was not in his place, he should not go into the details of the subject, but would reserve to himself the right of bringing it under the consideration of the House early next Session. At present he would merely observe that Captain Frazer appeared to have been treated with singular severity in having been deprived of his commission in the Ross-shire Rifles by the Secretary for War, on account of some alleged neglect with reference to a certain correspondence on the subject of some transactions which had occurred in the Highland regiment, in which he had been an officer previously to his connection with the Ross-shire Rifles. The Secretary for War had taken this power into his own hands, contrary to the opinion of the Judge Advocate, who, when the whole case was referred to him, stated that if a court-martial had been granted its extreme sentence would have been a reprimand.