HC Deb 26 July 1856 vol 143 c1490

said, he wished to give an explanation with reference to certain small pensions originally chargeable on the Civil List, to which the hon. and learned Gentleman the Member for Sheffield (Mr. Roebuck) had called attention the other evening, but it was a mistake to suppose that when those pensions were transferred from the Civil List to the Consolidated Fund, Government had made any profit on the difference between the nominal grant, as at first regulated, and the actual payment subsequently made. Pensions originally chargeable on the Civil List were liable, while thus circumstanced, to certain deductions in the nature of fees and taxes, but when, on the succession of Her Majesty those pensions were transferred to the Consolidated Fund, the net amount was paid to the recipients. The public gained nothing, nor did the recipients lose anything by the operation.

The House adjourned at Two o'clock till Tuesday next.