HC Deb 26 July 1856 vol 143 c1481

Order of the Day for the consideration of the Lords' Reasons fur disagreeing to the Commons' Amendment read.


said, he rose to move that the House insist on the Amendments made by them in the Bill, and which had been struck out by the Lords. He thought it was unreasonable of the Lords to ask the Commons to give up their opinion on a matter respecting which opinion was equally divided in the Upper House, as had been shown by the division which had taken place on the matter in the Upper House on the previous evening. A clause introduced by the Commons, and to which the House of Commons and the inhabitants of the metropolis attached very great importance (the clause relating to Hampstead Heath), had been struck out by the Lords. Now, viewing this matter as one of very great importance, he should move that the Commons insist on the Amendments made by them, and that a Committee be appointed to draw up a statement of the reasons which had induced the House to adopt his Motion.

Resolved, That this House doth insist on the said Amendment.

Committee appointed, "to draw up Reasons to be assigned to the Lords for insisting on the said Amendment:"—Lord ROBERT GROSVENOR, Sir JOHN SHELLEY, Mr. SOLICITOR GENERAL, Mr. GREENE, Mr. MASSEY, and Mr. HADFIELD:—To withdraw immediately; Three to be the quorum.

Reasons for insisting on Commons Amendment reported and agreed to:—To be communicated to the Lords, with Bill and Amendments.