HC Deb 23 July 1856 vol 143 cc1273-4

said, he would beg to ask the right hon. Gentleman the Judge Advocate General whether the Report of the Chelsea Commissioners would be placed in the hands of Members previous to the prorogation of Parliament?


Sir, I have every reason to believe that this Report will be in the hands of Members before the prorogation. For that reason I shall forbear to continue a controversy with a noble Lord in another place, which he originated, and which he seems disposed to continue. [Colonel FRENCH: Order, order!] I think, Sir, that when a person is affected by what has been said in another place he ought to be heard, and I hope that the Friend of the noble Lord will allow me to say a few words. I shall not continue the controversy, I say, which the noble Lord originated, because I think that I shall show more respect for myself, and that it will be more respectful to this House not to bandy unmeaning personalities with that noble Lord in this place, and because, as the Report will be forthwith in the hands of Members and of the public, there will be ample opportunity of judging whether I have stated anything incorrect with respect to it, and whether the case of personal animadversion made upon the noble Lord by the Commissioners has been satisfied by the evidence, and whether the inquiry with regard to that matter has been complete. The noble Lord hears from the hon. Gentleman opposite what passes here, and I hope that hon. Gentleman will convey to him that I treat his personalities with the most perfect indifference.


I believe, Sir, nothing could be more satisfactory than the statement of the noble Lord, that he said and meant to say nothing offensive to the right hon. Gentleman.

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