HC Deb 21 July 1856 vol 143 cc1119-20

MR. VERNON SMITH moved, that the House resolve itself into a Committee on the East India revenue accounts.


said, he rose, pursuant to notice, to call attention to the petition of his Highness Meer Ali Moorad (presented 27th June), and to submit a Motion on the subject of the confiscation of his revenues and territories by the Indian Government. He was very unwilling to interfere with the right hon. Gentleman, and prevent him from going into Committee, but in order to keep his observations strictly in order, he intended to move as an Amendment, "That the House resolve itself into a Committee to consider how far the possessions confiscated from the petitioner form a portion of the East India revenues." He submitted such an Amendment was perfectly in order.


said, that the Motion before the House was not a Motion for going into a Committee of Supply, and therefore the hon. and learned Gentleman was not in order in bringing forward a case of grievance to a particular individual.


said, the petition he had presented complained of a matter affecting the revenues of India, and the House was asked to go into Committee to consider the revenues of India; he contended, therefore, that he had a right to ask the House to consider how far those revenues were derived from property that had been taken from the petitioner.


said, that the object of going into Committee was to enable his right hon. Friend the President of the Board of Control, to make a statement as to the revenues of India, and how they were applied. The matter brought forward by the hon. and learned Member was an individual grievance, which might be made the subject of a special Motion, but had no immediate connection with the business of the Committee.


said, he would give way if the noble Lord would promise him Thursday for his Motion. He thought he was quite in order in stating the grounds on which he considered his Amendment to be regular.


said, he rose to order. It was not competent for a Member to argue a point of Order when Mr. Speaker had declared his proceeding was not in order.


said, he would submit to Mr. Speaker that he was entitled to proceed.


, the hon. and learned Gentleman certainly was not in order.

Motion agreed to.

House in Committee.