HC Deb 18 July 1856 vol 143 c1040

said, that, some years ago, several gentlemen of high character belonging to the Danubian Principalities were banished from their native country without having been previously brought before any tribunal, or condemned for any offence. If they had really been guilty of any crime, it was one in which this country had largely participated—namely, opposition to the protectorate proposed to be exercised over the Principalities by Russia. The case of these persons was laid before the Conferences at Paris, and, as a Commissioner had been appointed for the Principalities, he (Mr. Otway) wished to know whether the Government would give instructions to that Gentleman with the view of ameliorating the condition of those individuals and enabling them to return to their own country? To enable the noble Lord (the First Minister) to answer this question, if so disposed, he begged to move, as an Amendment to the Motion before them, that the House, at its rising, adjourn till to-morrow.


said, that such an Amendment was irregular.


said, he was prepared to answer the hon. Gentleman's question. The case of those natives of Moldavia and Wallachia had been brought under the notice of the Congress at Paris. It was still under the consideration of the Government, who hoped that an arrangement would be made by which the parties would be enabled to return to their own, country.