HC Deb 17 July 1856 vol 143 cc975-6

said, he wished to inquire whether the Government were in possession of any later intelligence from the Cape of Good Hope on the subject of the hostile attitude of the Kafirs.


said, he would also beg to inquire whether the colony or the mother country would bear the expense of any military proceedings necessary to suppress an outbreak?


said, that the latest information which he had received from the Governor of the Cape of Good Hope, dated, he believed, the 1st of May, was, that although there had been great apprehensions of the existence of a widespread confederacy among the native tribes to attack the colonists, yet up to that date no actual aggression had taken place, and he entertained the confident expectation that no such act would occur. Nevertheless, the Government had, as a matter of precaution, ordered considerable reinforcements to the Cape of Good Hope. The expense of sending those military reinforcements would be borne by the mother country.