HC Deb 10 July 1856 vol 143 c553

Upon the report of the Resolution in Committee being brought upThat provision be made, out of the Consolidated Fund of Great Britain and Ireland, for payment of the Salaries and Retiring Pensions of the persons who may be appointed Deputy Speakers of the House of Lords under the provisions of any Act of the present Session relating to the appellate jurisdiction of the House of Lords.

MR. HADFIELD rose to object to the Report being received.


appealed to the hon. Member not to raise any discussion upon a formal Resolution, necessary for the introduction of a clause. It did not bind the House, and the question must be raised again in Committee on the Bill.


felt that the prerogative of the Crown to create life peerages ought not to be surrendered or impeached in any way whatever, and that the rights of Lord Wensleydale ought not to be prejudiced. The object of this Bill was to limit and restrict the prerogative, and he had intended to divide the House upon the question that the Report be received; but, as a discussion would take place at the evening sitting, he would yield to the appeal of the right hon. Baronet.

Resolution agreed to.