HC Deb 07 July 1856 vol 143 cc403-4

wished to take the present opportunity of expressing his regret at the observations which had fallen from the right hon. Gentleman the Attorney General for Ireland, on a former evening relative to the Irish Master of the Rolls. He regretted that such observations should have fallen from one in the position of the right hon. Gentleman, and he begged to say that there was not in England or Ireland a person of higher honour or of greater legal attainments, or a Judge in whom the public had more confidence, than the present Master of the Rolls in Ireland.


expressed his entire concurrence in what had fallen from the hon. and gallant Member, as to the character and legal acquirements and high honour of the Master of the Rolls in Ireland; but he had stated, that he thought the observations of the learned Judge, on the case referred to, were irregular; and that, if a person charged with crime had left the country, his doing so had been brought about by those observations.


said, in consequence of the observations of the Attorney General the other evening, he had written to Ireland to ascertain the true state of the facts in this case.