HC Deb 07 July 1856 vol 143 cc398-9

asked the Secretary of State for the Home Department whether the Government would assist the corporation of the City of London in passing a Bill, during the present Session, to extend the right of voting in the election of Aldermen and members in the Common Council to all occupiers within the city who were on the Parliamentary register?


said, that, as he understood, the Bill referred to, of which he had received a copy from the Recorder, was limited to the object of amending the Act of 1849, having relation to the right of voting for the election of aldermen and sheriffs. This was a very desirable object, and was provided for in the measure for the amendment of the constitution of the Corporation which had lately been withdrawn; but he doubted the policy of introducing a Bill limited to that single object. Besides, the Bill of 1849 was a private Bill, and any Bill to amend it must of course be introduced in the same form; but the regulations of both Houses of Parliament would prevent a private Bill from passing at this period of the Session.

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