HC Deb 19 February 1856 vol 140 cc979-80

said, he had given notice of his intention to present a petition from the son-in-law of the late Nawab of Surat, but he had first to ask a question as to the practice of the House. He had been informed that it was not competent for any Member to move that a petition be printed with the Votes, unless the Printing Committee had declined to print it. What he wished to know was whether in a case of urgency, when the subject-matter of the petition was about to come before the House, he might not give notice of Motion that the petition be printed. The Motion of the hon. and learned Member for East Suffolk (Sir F. Kelly) on the subject was fixed for Thursday next, and if the petition was referred to the Committee, it could not be in the hands of Members by that day.


said, that by the rule of the House for the last two years, no Member was entitled to move that a petition be printed unless the Committee on public petitions had refused to print it.

Petition to lie on the table.

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