HC Deb 18 February 1856 vol 140 c972

Order for Second Reading read.


said, that on a former occasion the hon. Gentleman the Secretary to the Treasury, in answer to a question put to him, stated that this Bill did not apply to Ireland. On reading the Bill, however, he found that it did, and he therefore asked for an explanation.


said, the object of the Bill was twofold; but purely for the purpose of convenience in conducting the business of the present Commission. By the existing law, if £20,000 were required for effecting an improvement, but the advance was wanted only in small instalments, it was necessary to have a separate authority for each from the Treasury. It was now proposed that one authority should be sufficient. Another object of the Bill was to cause the interest of the advance to accrue from the time when the cheque was received by the party, and not from the time when the money was drawn from the Bank of England.

Bill read 2o.