HC Deb 14 February 1856 vol 140 cc717-8

wished to ask the First Lord of the Treasury whether it will be lawful to dispatch British ships with cargoes to Russian ports during the armistice which is about to be concluded? and, in that case, would articles contraband of war, such as brimstone, lead, and saltpetre—be exempt from such permissions of shipping? If the sailing of British ships be unlawful, might foreign ships be chartered for the purpose; or whether the blockade of Russian ports will be soon reestablished?


The only answer that I can give to that question is this—that I should strongly recommend any persons who wish to engage in such undertakings as those described by the hon. Gentleman in his question, to wait and see whether an armistice is concluded, and if so, what are the, nature and conditions of the armistice.