HC Deb 04 February 1856 vol 140 cc181-2

said, he would, with the permission of the House, place upon the table a Bill for the better management of Episcopal and Capitular Property. The Bill was very nearly the same as that of last Session, but he would reserve all explanations in reference to it until the second reading, if now permitted to introduce the measure.


said, he thought the subject was altogether too vast a one to be dealt with by a private Member. Besides, the Bill of the noble Marquess contained no provisions which might enable the Government to relieve the country from church rates. It was a mere attempt to nibble at the end of a great question. He considered that the subject was one with which no independent Member ought to meddle without the sanction of the Government.


said, that in consequence of the promise which he gave to the noble Marquess last Session, he could not fairly object to the reintroduction of the Bill. It was right, moreover, that the noble Marquess should have an opportunity of explaining his views more fully than he had hitherto done. But on the part of the Government, he could not give any pledge that they would deem it their duty to support the Bill in its future stages.


said, he very much objected to the introduction of Bills which had no chance of being passed. It consumed the time of the House unnecessarily, and increased the largo sum which the country had to pay for printing.


said, he was not prepared to admit that the Bill would be rejected. It related to a subject of which the public would not fail to recognise the importance, and he was convinced the House would give it their most careful and favourable consideration.

Leave given.

Bill ordered to be brought in by the Marquess of BLANDFORD and Mr. GEORGE BUTT.

Bill read 1°.