HC Deb 21 April 1856 vol 141 c1325

said, he wished to correct a statement he had made the other evening, in reply to a question respecting the erection of a monument to the late Duke of Wellington. He then stated that his predecessor at the Board of Works had considered two plans, one of which has been sent in by Mr. Baily and the other by Mr. Foley, but that, after careful consideration, neither of those plans was approved of. He (Sir B. Hall) also stated that, soon after he came into office, he saw the models which he had reason to believe, from the statements made to him, had been prepared by Mr. Baily and Mr. Foley. He had, however, received a communication from Mr. Foley, informing him that the plans to which he had referred were those of Mr. Baily alone. He (Sir B. Hall) might observe that it was his intention to invite those gentlemen to send in plans again.

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