HC Deb 21 April 1856 vol 141 cc1343-4

said, he wished to recall the attention of the right hon. Gentleman the Secretary for Ireland to the question which had been asked by the hon. Member for Mayo (Mr. G. H. Moore). The hon. Member had only put off the question, in order to afford opportunities to ascertain the feeling of the people of Ireland upon the subject; and it was to be deeply regretted, considering the great importance of it, that the inquiry of the hon. Member had elicited no answer from the Government. Without agreeing in the opinions of the hon. Member, he felt that the subject was one of the greatest importance, and that the request of the hon. Member for a day on which he might bring it forward ought at all events to have elicited some kind of answer from the Government.


said, the Government had no notice of the hon. Member's question.


said, he had given the Secretary of the Treasury notice of it, and the hon. Gentleman had said that he might ask for a day, but was not very likely to get it.


said, he could assure the House that neither he nor the noble Lord at the head of the Government had been informed of the notice, nor was the noble Lord in the House at the time when the question had been asked.

Motion agreed to.