HC Deb 07 April 1856 vol 141 cc565-6

begged to ask the Under Secretary for War what was the number of the foreign troops at present in the pay of this country, and also what were the future intentions of the Government with regard to those troops? He wished to know whether it was intended to disband the Turkish Contingent, or to transfer it to the service of the Sultan. As regarded the German Legion, would they be encamped in this country or be sent to any colony; and if to any colony, what colony would it be?


said, the number of foreign troops in the English service was about 40,000. With regard to the Turkish Contingent, he thought it probable they would be retransferred to the Turkish service; as to the German or other Foreign Legion, no decision had been come to as to their future destination, but of course it was not intended to keep them on foot for any considerable time.