HC Deb 25 May 1855 vol 138 c1193

There is a report abroad of the Conferences of Vienna having been renewed. I wish to ask the noble Lord whether the Government have received any information about such renewal?


There has been no conference held since the last recorded in the papers now before the House. Before any further conferences are held Her Majesty's Ministers at Vienna must receive authority from Her Majesty's Government to attend such conference.


I wish to ask a question of Her Majesty's Government, for the noble Lord's answer to the question of the hon. Member for Sheffield is not quite understood. The noble Lord stated a few days since that the conferences were not finally concluded, but only suspended, and that Lord Westmorland retained full power to receive proposals. I wish, therefore, to know from the noble Lord whether those powers have been withdrawn, and, if so, at what period they were so withdrawn?


The powers have not been withdrawn; but it is one thing to possess powers and another to exercise them in cases not foreseen by Her Majesty's Government.