HC Deb 24 May 1855 vol 138 cc972-3

Resolution communicated from the Lords on Tuesday last, considered.

VISCOUNT PALMERSTON moved that the House agree to this Resolution; and said, it should be understood that the reception of Messages at the bar of one House by the clerk of the other did not imply anything beyond the mere formal reception of such Messages.


cautioned the House against agreeing without due consideration to this proposition, the effect of which would be that they would soon not know what business was going on between the two Houses. In all popular ceremonies a certain degree of form and ceremony was necessary to be observed, in order that business might be conducted in a regular manner, and in order that all Members should be kept perfectly acquainted with what was going on. But if a Resolution of this sort were adopted, he was afraid that before long complaints would be made that things had been done with which this House had not been made sufficiently acquainted.


said, he should attach more weight to the observations of the right hon. Gentleman, if any Member could tell him that he at any time understood any Message which was delivered from the other House.


asked in what manner Messages from the other House would be communicated to hon. Members, if this Resolution were adopted?


said, that the clerk of one House would communicate Messages to the clerk of the other House at the bar; and it would then be the duty of the clerk receiving the Message to communicate it at the earliest opportunity, without interrupting the public business, to the Speaker, by whom it would be made known to the House.

Resolved, That this House doth agree with the Lords in the Resolution adopted by them respecting the arrangement for the transmission of Messages, Bills, and Papers from one House to the other (namely), That, in addition to the present practice with regard to Messages between the Houses, one of the Clerks of either House may be the bearer of Messages from the one to the other; And that Messages so sent be received at the Bar by one of the Clerks of the House to which they are sent, at any time whilst it is sitting or in Committee, without interrupting the Business then proceeding.

Ordered, That Mr. FITZROY do acquaint their Lordships with the said Resolution.