HC Deb 14 May 1855 vol 138 c585

Order for Committee read.


said, that, as one of the Commissioners, he must protest against the Bill, because he thought it would prove inoperative and disappoint his right hon. Friend and the country. He disapproved of portions of the money which the Commissioners were authorised to borrow for the arterial drainage being devoted to the purpose of this Bill.


said, he wished to ask for the opinion of Government with reference to the application, under this Bill, of money which was voted for one purpose being devoted to another.


said, that the object of the present Bill was one of great importance, and as they might by I possibility be visited by a recurrence of the calamitous disease of last year, he thought that no measure which would tend to prevent it ought to be neglected. The sum of money to be devoted to the house sewerage was a very small portion of that which the Commissioners were empowered to borrow for the arterial drainage; and, as there would be means of recovering it from the owners of houses, the Government were inclined favourably to view the application of the money under this Bill.

The House then went into Committee, when the various clauses were agreed to, and the House resumed.

The House adjourned at One o'clock.