HC Deb 01 May 1855 vol 137 cc2047-8

Order for Third Reading read.


said, that he had to appeal to the hon. Member for North Warwickshire to allow the third reading of the Loan Bill to take precedence of his Motion with respect to Maynooth, on the ground that, as Government were not able to touch the deposit until the Bill had received the Royal Assent, it was desirable to pass the measure as soon as possible, and that a day would be gained by reading it a third time in that House at a sufficiently early hour to allow of its going up to the House of Lords the same evening.


said, he was quite willing to accede to the wish of the Government, on the understanding that the third reading should pass sub silentio. He could not consent to forego the right to bring forward his Motion on any other condition, because he did not see any other clear night on which he could bring it forward for weeks to come.


said, he was quite willing to consent to this, but at the same time he might perhaps be permitted to call the attention of his right hon. Friend the Chancellor of the Exchequer to the present unsatisfactory state of the law, which did not allow him to touch the deposit until the Loan Bill had received the Royal Assent, although he was compelled to pay interest on deficiency bills. He wished to know whether his right hon. Friend was willing to consider the propriety of introducing a measure to amend the law on this point.


said, he must admit that the present state of the law was unsatisfactory, and he was willing to take into consideration the propriety of amending it, but he could not positively pledge himself to the introduction of any measure on the subject.

Bill read 3o.

On the Motion, "That the Bill do pass."


said, that it had been rumoured that one of the Members for the City of London had contracted with the Government for this loan, and that in consequence there would be a new election for the City. He thought it was desirable that the House should know whether that was the case or not.

Bill passed.