HC Deb 13 March 1855 vol 137 c485

said, that some days since he presented a petition, praying that the fast day might be postponed from the 21st instant to the 6th of April, in consequence of the severe distress existing among working people in the metropolis and other places; but as no attention had been paid to it, he begged to ask whether the practice of withholding on fast days and holidays a day's pay from all persons in the employment of Government who are paid by daily wages was to be adopted on the fast day appointed fur the 21st of March; and, if so, whether it was the intention of the Government to stop a day's pay from the salaries of all official men, or only from the wages of persons holding inferior situations.


said, that he had made inquiries on the subject of the question of the hon. Gentleman, and he was informed that it was not the practice in the departments of the Admiralty, Ordnance, Board of Works, Post Office, or Custom House, to stop a day's pay of the workmen on any fast day.