HC Deb 29 June 1855 vol 139 c297

said, he wished to ask the noble Lord the Secretary of State for the Colonies a question which stood upon the notice paper. He did this in consequence of a statement which had appeared in the circular of Count Buol, who said that he submitted an ultimatum for the approval of the noble Lord, with the assurance that such ultimatum, would be, if it were approved by the Governments of France and England, transmitted to Russia, and that if it should be then refused by Russia, the refusal would be made by the Austrian Government a casus belli. The circular went on to state that the proposition was submitted to the noble Lord, and that it met his entire approval, and that he pledged himself to use all his influence with the Government at home to insure its adoption. He would now beg leave to ask the noble Lord whether that statement was correct?


I can only say, Sir, that I have read the circular of Count Buol, or the statement of it which is in the newspapers; and it seems to me that all the statements in that circular, so far as I have any knowledge, are perfectly accurate and correct.

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