HC Deb 28 June 1855 vol 139 c278

said, he rose to ask the right hon. Baronet the Home Secretary as to the amount of remuneration for Roman Catholic clergymen for attendance at gaols?


said, that with respect to Brixton and Pentonville, and other prisons in the metropolis, he had already stated that the Roman Catholic clergy who attended received no remuneration; and he now found that there were no Government prisons in England in which they received remuneration. Previous to the Vote of last year there was a payment made to the priests who attended persons at Dartmoor and Portland, to cover their travelling expenses, as they had to go a considerable distance for the purpose of attendance. But since that Vote, his noble Friend at the head of the Government had directed that these payments should be discontinued, and they had been discontinued accordingly; so that now, not only was there no remuneration to Roman Catholic clergy for attending gaols, but they had to attend at their own expense.

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