HC Deb 26 June 1855 vol 139 c162

said, the House was aware that all the forts on the Circassian coast were now in the possession of the Circassians, and that throughout the conferences at Vienna no mention was made of Circassia. The last despatch of Admiral Lyons stated that Mr. Longworth had been sent to Anapa to superintend the political part of the question. He wished to ask in what capacity Mr. Longworth had been sent to Anapa, and what were the relations at present subsisting between Her Majesty's Government and the Circassian chiefs?


said, Mr. Longworth was Her Majesty's consul at Monastir; he had appointed that Gentleman when he held the office of Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, in consequence of his having passed a great deal of time in the country, and being well acquainted with its manners, habits, and language. When an operation upon Anapa was contemplated, it was expected that the Circassian tribes would co-operate with the allies, and Mr. Longworth, being well acquainted with the people, was sent as an organ of communication between the allied commanders and those tribes. There were no relations subsisting between Her Majesty's Government and the Circassian chiefs, except those arising out of their co-operation in the attack upon Anapa.


said, he wished to know in what capacity Colonel Lloyd was sent to Circassia last year, at a salary of 2,000l. per annum?


said, in reply, that Colonel Lloyd was appointed to go to Circassia to open communication with the people, and to ascertain to what extent and upon what terms their co-operation could be obtained.