HC Deb 25 July 1855 vol 139 cc1374-5

Order for resuming adjourned debate [11th July], read.


said, he should now move that the order for going into Committee on the Bill be discharged. Be- lieving that it would not be in his power to carry the Bill, even in that House, through its various stages during the Session, he thought he was acting more respectfully to the House by taking it at once off the paper than by attempting to carry it further. He did not mean to say a word on the merits of the Bill; but he might state that it was brought in by him on the 29th of March, and read a second time on the 16th of May. After the second reading he had hoped to receive the assistance of the Government in its further progress, the rather that the usual supporters of the Government were almost entirely—indeed he might say all—favourable to the Bill. However, the noble Lord at the head of the Government gave him no assistance, and the House knew the almost insuperable difficulties that a private Member had to encounter in promoting a measure of that kind. He did not think it right that those difficulties should be enhanced by Gentlemen availing themselves of the forms of the House. It was not for him to dictate to Gentlemen the course they ought to pursue, but he might observe that the present was not a measure that could fairly be trifled with. The necessity for a change in the law was felt on all hands. It was a question that must be grappled with, and he entreated hon. Gentlemen to consider whether it would not be better to meet the subject with argument rather than delay. For himself, if alive, he would most certainly again bring forward the measure at an early period of next Session.

Order discharged.

And it being Six of the clock, Mr. SPEAKER adjourned the House till To-morrow without putting the Question.