HC Deb 17 July 1855 vol 139 cc1019-20

Order read, for resuming adjourned Debate on Amendment proposed to be made to Question [1st May]— That this House do resolve itself into a Committee, for the purpose of considering the Acts for the Endowment of the College of Maynooth, with a view to the withdrawal of any Endowment out of the Consolidated Fund, due regard being had to vested rights or interests. And which Amendment was to leave out from the word "considering," to the end of the Question, in order to add the words "all grants or endowments for ecclesiastical purposes, whether charged on the Consolidated Fund or annually voted by Parliament, with a view to their withdrawal, due regard being had to vested rights or interests," instead thereof.

Question again proposed, "That the words proposed to be left out stand part of the Question."

Debate resumed.

MR. FAGAN moved the adjournment of the debate.


said, there could be no reason why this debate should be adjourned. The question had been discussed very fully, and it was quite clear that any person who wished to have the debate adjourned merely wished to prevent the question being settled. He was only asking leave to bring in a Bill, although it was not likely that he would proceed with the Bill during the present Session. He wished to take the sense of the House whether they approved of the introduction of such a Bill. He hoped that those who agreed with him that this was a question which ought to be settled would vote with him.


said, that surely the hon. Member could not be serious in asking the House at that hour of the night (half past twelve o'clock) to resume a debate, which was likely to last many hours. Several Motions had been put off in consideration of the lateness of the hour, and he did not think that the hon. Member could expect them to proceed with the adjourned debate on Maynooth.

Motion made, and Question put, "That the Debate be now adjourned."

The House divided:—Ayes 97; Noes 88: Majority 9.


said, he would now move that the debate be adjourned to that day three months.

Question put.

The House divided:—Ayes 93; Noes 90: Majority 3.

The House adjourned at half after One o'clock.