HC Deb 09 July 1855 vol 139 cc620-1

Sir, I wish to put a question to the Prime Minister. It has been stated publicly in the circular which Count Buol addressed to the diplomatic agents of Austria, dated the 25th of May, that, considering the circumstances under which the Austrian proposal had been rejected and the grounds on which its value had been contested, it appeared to the Emperor of Austria his duty to give the Cabinets of Paris and London another opportunity of considering the plan and the consequences to Europe of its rejection. Count Buol states that full explanation of the plan, with the motives of the Austrian Government and a refutation of the objections which had been urged on the part of the allies, had been communicated to the Governments of England and France. I wish to ask the noble Lord whether there will be any objection to lay before the House this communication, or any correspondence which has passed between Her Majesty's Government and the Government of Austria relative to the Austrian proposal? I have not given notice of this question to the noble Lord, and, therefore, if he does not feel at liberty to answer it now I will repeat the question to-morrow.


I have no difficulty, Sir, whatever in answering the question of my right hon. Friend, by saying Her Majesty's Government have already determined to lay upon the table of the House the whole of the correspondence bearing upon that Austrian proposal. It is now in preparation, and I hope in a couple of days, at all events, to be able to lay it upon the table of the House.