HC Deb 06 July 1855 vol 139 cc607-8

took occasion to state that a communication had passed between himself and the noble Lord at the head of the Government that evening, with regard to a Motion which he had announced it to be his intention to bring forward, in relation to the evidence which had been taken before the Commissioners who had been appointed to inquire into the state of Maynooth College. From what had passed between the noble Lord and himself in that communication, he had been induced to believe that the noble Lord was prepared to give his assent to the form of notice which had been agreed upon between them. The noble Lord, indeed, had assured him that he would give his assent to that form, and had authorised him to move it. He had, however, since received an intimation through the Vice President of the Board of Trade, to the effect that the noble Lord had thought fit to withdraw his assent from his (Mr. Spooner's) notice, and to give his support to the Amendment of which notice had been given by the right hon. Gentleman the Secretary for Ireland. Under these circumstances, and not being able to support that Amendment himself, he should feel it to be his duty to proceed with his original Motion when the House went into Committee of Supply, unless the noble Lord would consent to name a day upon which that Motion might be discussed.


said, the hon. Gentleman had stated the circumstances correctly. After seeing the hon. Gentleman's Motion and consenting to it, he had reconsidered the matter, and thought it better to support an Amendment by the Chief Secretary for Ireland. The result was only that the hon. Member's Motion now stood in the same position as it occupied before the consent was given. He could not in the state of public business give the hon. Gentleman a day for his Motion.

Question put, and agreed to.

Supply considered in Committee; Committee report progress; to sit again on Monday next.