HC Deb 23 January 1855 vol 136 c912

wished to ask the Secretary at War whether any arrangement had been made by which wounded soldiers in the hospital at Scutari were enabled to transmit money from their pay to their friends and relatives at home?


said, instructions had been given to the paymasters so far back as last May to afford every assistance in their power for this object; and Lord Raglan was requested, with a view to give greater publicity to the facilities provided for the remittances of money, to issue a general order relative thereto. In September last, when depôts were formed at Scutari, instructions were issued to the paymasters, especially with the view of calling attention to the facilities existing, and having heard of remittance orders not being obtained, he sent out orders on the 27th of December last that the greatest care should be taken in order that the wishes of the soldiers might be complied with; that unnecessary forms should be dispensed with; and that the money they desired to remit should be sent to their relatives with promptitude.