HC Deb 30 April 1855 vol 137 cc1948-9

Sir, as the First Lord of the Treasury is not in his place, I beg to ask the First Lord of the Admiralty whether telegraphic communication has been established between the Crimea and any part of the Turkish coast and its principalities; and, if so, what is the date of the latest despatch received from the seat of war? I wish also to ask another question, which I hope will be answered tonight—namely, whether any communication has been received from any source whatever relating to the raising of the siege of Sebastopol?


Sir, in answer to the questions of the hon. Gentleman, I beg to say that the telegraph is, we believe, complete, except across the Danube. I stated to the House, a few evenings ago, that the telegraph had been laid across from the Crimea to the Turkish coast. I believe now that it is complete from the Turkish coast to Rustchuk, and on the other side from Giurgevo to Bucharest. I do not know, however, whether it has yet been laid across the Danube. The last despatch received from the seat of war was received to-day from Lord Raglan, and is dated yesterday. There was no news whatever of any kind as to the raising of the siege of Sebastopol, in which, indeed, I do not believe. There is no communication whatever upon that subject further than a statement of the temporary discontinuance of the fire upon Sebastopol.


said, he would beg to ask, if it was the intention of the Government to communicate to the House any news which might be received upon a subject in which the public were so deeply interested?


Anything will be communicated which is of sufficient interest to render it desirable. I was about to say, that when a telegraphic despatch mentioned anything of sufficient interest to render it necessary, desirable, or interesting, to communicate it to the House, I have not the slightest doubt my noble Friend at the head of the Government would do so. After the contemptuous cheer of the hon. Gentleman opposite, I have no objection to state the whole purport of the despatch received to-day. Lord Raglan acknowledges the receipt of a despatch from Lord Panmure, and asks when the Sardinian contingent is to sail.

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