HC Deb 27 April 1855 vol 137 c1868

said, he wished to ask the right hon. Baronet the Member for Droitwich (Sir J. Pakington) whether it was his intention to make an alteration in Committee in his Bill for the better encouragement of education in England and Wales, in the words by which he proposed to raise money for educational purposes, by substituting parochial for union charges?


said, he was quite ready to state to his hon. Friend what he had stated privately to several hon. Members, and which he ought to have stated on the second reading of the Bill. He had reconsidered the reasons which bad induced him to propose a union rather than a parochial rate, and he was of opinion that he could accomplish the object he had in view without adopting an arrangement which, in the case of parishes already sufficiently provided with school accommodation, would involve some hardship, if they were called upon to pay a further charge in order to make up the deficiencies in another place. On this ground he should, in Committee on the Bill, propose that the rating should be parochial, and not union.