HC Deb 26 April 1855 vol 137 c1805

Order for Second Reading read.


said, that the experience of past times was not satisfactory with regard to an increase in the spirit duties; and he wished to know if Government had the intention or the power to take any additional steps for the suppression of illicit distillation in Ireland. He believed that any increase in that practice would be attended with the most pernicious effects. He also wished to know if Government had any intention to equalise the duties on spirits throughout the United Kingdom, for he was convinced that such a plan was not only possible, but that it would be attended with a great increase to the revenue. It would also remove many great anomalies, and have the best possible effect in many other respects.


said, he quite agreed with the noble Lord, as far as the pernicious effects of illicit distillation were concerned; but the experience of the measure of last year, in consequence of the improved social condition of that portion of the United Kingdom, was very favourable. If it was necessary for the purpose of collecting the additional duty, the provisions of the last Act would be regularly enforced.

Bill read 2o