HC Deb 18 May 1854 vol 133 cc535-6

said, he begged to inquire whether it was intended to issue a medal to those troops engaged in the late Burmese war; and if so, when might its issue be expected?


replied that Her Majesty's sanction had been obtained some time ago for the distribution of medals to the troops who had been engaged in the Burmese war, and Mr. Wyon, the engraver, was now engaged in cutting the dye for them, but he could not say how soon they would be issued.


Then are we to understand that the right hon. Gentleman considers the Burmese war at an end?


I am happy, for the satisfaction of the hon. Member and of the House, to be able to say that I this morning received a communication from the Governor General of India, in which he states that nothing can exceed the pacific character of the reports received by the Government of India from Burmah, and that the King of Ava is so entirely satisfied that peace will be preserved, that not only has he withdrawn all his own troops from the frontier, but has entered into an arrangement to supply our troops with all the wheat grown in his own country.