HC Deb 18 May 1854 vol 133 cc588-9

said, he begged to move for leave to introduce a Bill "To render Reformatory and Industrial Schools in Scotland more available for the benefit of Juvenile Delinquents and Vagrant Children." It was not intended by this measure to go so far as the Lord Advocate's recent Education Bill, or to propose any rating for the support of schools. He wished to give power to magistrates where delinquents were brought before them, to send them to school instead of to gaol, thus removing them from the evils of depraved associates to a place where they would receive a good training, acquire habits of industry, and have some prospects of bettering their condition, instead of, as at present, being certain to come out of gaol ten times worse than when they went in. With respect to delinquents who had been convicted, it was intended by this measure to place them in certain schools sanctioned by the Lord Advocate, and to charge the expenditure on county and parochial boards.

Leave given.

Bill ordered to be brought in by Mr. Dunlop, Mr. Kinnaird, and Mr. Adderley.

Bill read 1o.

The House adjourned at half after Eleven o'clock.